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RE:Prospecting for new spots (Nahant)

This is a good thread, in fact I got an idea. Gotta get a light bulb icon... but that's not the idea.

Let's research the place and publish an article on it. We could do a skinny version on the site and sell the article to On the Water or something. Owners of a well known big site in New England have been talking about harvesting the insights of the members and making money for themselves from our offerings to their board. Can you imagine? What I am talking about here is pooling the insights of the members together and making money for the members!

Once we get good we could become a regular supplier for publishing houses... they don't have enough quality material. Wouldn't it be sweet if they came to us to get material every month instead of the usual begging by sportsmen to have large publications print our stories?

The key is to work together, the guild thing I mentioned. We can polish these reports up against each other's comments and we will also have a place to tease readers and publishers alike.

My hope is that those who get published could return a small percentage into the forum to keep it going, and to fund fun things. Just think if we get big enough we pay for a trip to Belize in February! Most likely it will cover some swanky flats shirts with our logo embroidered or something in 2000.

I have got several ideas like this to benefit members while building the forum mindshare on the world-wide web. Your ideas are welcome, this is in fact a forum and will always remain so.

my .02
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