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Thanks all for the input! We are booked for 4 days of mooching targeting the kings and halibut. With luck there will be a few cohos mixed in. I have drift fished with light tackle before and I love it! But I will have a fly rod at the ready. I have a Winston 9 wt and 10wt. I prefer the 9 wt, but will it be enough for the kings?
Moonlight, thanks for the tip on the fly shop! Tough to beat local fly shop info & flys! Do you know if they have a web sight?

Juro, hopefully I'll get some pics. Then I have to figure out how to post them. I have trouble remembering to take the lense cap off, let alone figuring out all the technical issues of digital picture editing. I've tried to post pictures on the site, but the file size is too big. Our home computer can't handle the image sizer program on the site, and I can't seem to remember to download it and try it with my work computer. When I do remember, I hope it is something a techically challenged old geezer like me can figure out!
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