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I think

The main reason the factories are going four stroke is ideology. I think that 2 stroke (in the minds of the Japanese) is associated with leaf blowers and scooters in China. This is why they ditched 2 stroke in MotoGP. The technology is not relevent to their manufacturing ideology (even if the performance is better).
eTec IS 2 stroke, and injected 2 stroke can be very fuel efficient, clean, powerful, light, and quiet. Getting there was not easy. Look at the FITCH disaster. The first HDPI's had problems, and in the motorcycle world, Bimota basicly went bankrupt trying to bring a 2 stroke street bike to market. I think that the Japanese mfg's looked at that and said, "no thanks, we can make 4 stroke out boards (marinized car engines) that will work, be cheap to develop, and will easily meet the new emisions standards. Evenrude/Johnson went out of b2 strokesusiness. Now the challenge will be to make 4 strokes as light and powerfull as 2's. There getting close.
A two stroke lawn mower creates more hydrocarbons in an hour than a car driving from SanFrancisco to LA.
I'll bet that engine is fine. My mercedeeeese wagon was an '89 with 42,000 miles on it. Got it two years ago and have put 30,000 trouble free miles on it (well except for the $500 repair to the HVAC controls )
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