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big seas

Juro,That sounds very similar to my worst experience.My best friend and I spent a summer in 67 Kelping out of Neah Bay and Ilwaco.We were at Ilwaco one day chasing a good run of silvers in the rips nw of the north jetty.Fishing was so good we stayed out till almost dark .The tide was still running out hard,but we felt we had to come in before dark.In a Cape Kiwanda dory with a 35 & 15 in the well for power.There were huge swells from an asian storm[we thought at time they were at least 40 ft].Well. when they hit the outgoing Columbia[about 8mph?] they stacked and broke like surfer waves all across the river.We had to go full speed to crawl up the backside and shoot over the break and go fast enough to clear the white stuff ,but then slow enough so we did not skip around too much and catch a sideways edge .We were hauling and skipping and sliding and somehow made it through that area at the end of the jetties.There were coastgaurd boats there trying to help people in trouble[we were not the only dummies].4 boats went over and 3-4 people died.Beau
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