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RE:posting pics and links

Hi Mike! In addition to Terry's good advice,


I cut and paste URLs from a second browser window - first type in <font color="008800"> [<!--no-->img= </font><!--color-->

then go find the image i want in a second browser window...
copy the URL out of the Location window, then paste it into the message (above) and close it with a <font color="008800"><!--no-->] </font><!--color-->

so it becomes... <font color="008800"> [<!--no-->img=<!--no-->]
which produces:


You open with <font color="008800"> [<!--no-->url= </font><!--color-->

then provide the URL itself, close with <font color="008800"> <!--no-->] </font><!--color-->

example: <font color="008800"> [<!--no-->url=<!--no-->] STRIPAH [<!--no-->/url] </font><!--color-->

Produces... <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"> STRIPAH </a><!--url-->

The difference is, you can give it a text string which becomes the link!

More in the help file as Terry says.

That's it! For links, use URL instead
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