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I wouldn't be suprised if the true 2-strokes are history. The ones like mine that just blast 1/2 burnt fuel into the water are on their way out. I really don't think the E-tec is going to be banned for sale in the US since they are said to run quieter and burn less fuel than the current 4 stokes in the over 200hp class. I think that takes into account the extra weight of the 4 stokes and there may be some creative math involved but I'd be willing to belive they are just as good as the current 4's - less to go wrong too.

After only looking into it briefly (buddy boat shopping) if I had the cash to buy a new engine it would be an E-Tec.

Back to the question at hand. My recommendation would be to pull the plug and put a couple of drops of 2stroke oil in the cylinder - slowly pull the cord with the plug out., replace the plug.
Put some new gas oil mix in a fuel tank with fuel conditioner - Good idea to use the stabil in all your gas mix where you may not use up the fuel in 2 months, gas can go bad quicker than you think and that can cause lots of problems.

If it makes you feel any better my buddy has a little merc 9.9 I think, runs like a champ and was basically hanging off the back of a 23'er used a couple times a year and never winterized. He now runs it on a small lake boat, starts on the 2nd pulll every time.

Obviously get some water running through the muffs or drop the lower unit in the water before letting 'er rip.
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