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Originally Posted by Dble Haul
Why is the market phasing out the 2 cycle engines? Not enough fuel efficiency, or just plain obsolete in comparison to the 4 cycle engines?
I am going to need some proof on that one. I really doubt Bombardier would have invested so much in the Etech if they can't sell them here. The new two strokes need to meet emissions standards that only some do so that may be what OC is referring to?

My guess is that the factory would not have shipped the motor with any fuels in it. My reasoning here is that I used to work in a motorcycle shop and they always were shipped dry in crates. I would have concerns with dry rot on the seals and gaskets. I am not a mechanic but a good friend who is always told me to steer away from the used car with 8000 miles on it that sat in some old ladies garage for just that reason.

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