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foolish impulse buy???

The other day on the way home from work I dropped into West Marine to pick up a few minor things like floating key chains. I asked if they had any 2 cycle 8 hp Merc outboards left. As most of you know there will be no new 2 cycle outboards made for the U.S. market anymore, only 4 cycle. The guy behind the counter took a look at the inventory computer and told me he had just one left in the North West and it was down in his basement. I asked him how much and he gave me a price 700 dollars less than normal price. Asked him why so low and he said it was a 2003 model but never out of the box. Sure enough it had never been out of the box so I bought it, so much for floating key chains.

My question is for you folks that deal with outboards a lot. Do you think that the gaskets and seals will still be ok after sitting in the box for 3 to 4 years? I did get a full warranty but that means nothing if i am having problems and I got to mess with bringing back to the dealer all the time. Also I have not checked yet to see if it had any fuel in its system from a factory startup. It may have evaporated by now, should I be worried that there might be some problems from old fuel in a new outboard?
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