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Us Diesel truck owners went through this a few years back when the low sulfur fuels came out and the new ultra low sulfur fuels that are coming have the rumors flying that our older engines will not run on them, fuel pumps will lock up etc.. in the end everything was OK

The best thing to do is look to see what the engine manufacturer has to say about it. they should be issung service bulletins soon enough (I would hope). Carrying some spare filters & water seprators is sage advice and should be done regardless

I think we are going to see some wild speculation and hear some horror stories (some true, some not) about all this before it is over & done. But in the end I think everything will fine. If your fuel system is real sludgey or you were not too careful about keeping things clean you probably will encounter some problems with the alcohol. It also attracts water and imulsifies it....That is how dry gas works.
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