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Man overboard breifly...

Personaly I was most impressed by getting washed overboard by one wave and deposited back aboard by the next one!
We were fishing for Black Cod back in 1978 over 30 miles of Cape Addington in the Gulf of Alaska the "Westerlie' had been building for about a week and the seas were a steady 30' to 35' that far off shore you can't even see the tops of the mountains except for the ones that are beside you and behind you and in front of you.
This particular day I guess the Skipper had his belly full of rolling around inside the wheel house and anouced that were were heading in to Noyes Island to wait for the weather to cool down a bit. Danny was an exciteable boy and always way heavy on the throttle, we were litteraly surfing down the Mountains one minute and riding in the trough the next.
It was my first job on the High Seas and as a deckhand it was my job to wash up the cod after they had been dressed prior to putting them in the Ice Hold this was busy work and you just mindlessly kept your head down and both hands busy until the three or four tons of fish was all put to bed.
It was a beautiful sunny day not a cloud in the sky but that West wind just kept getting stronger it was now being clocked at 48 and we were running full out before it so I guess you would have to add 9 knots or so to that reading. As I recall I had a 10# Cod in my left hand and a srapper spoon in my right when a wall of water sent me sailing across the deck where I was slammed into the Rack holding our Bouy Line Anchors that slowed me down (hurt like hell too) but the water just kept rising and I floated clear of the boat just then another big comber broke and surfed me right on to the top of the Bait shed aft. I was not nearly amazed by all this as my crewmates who all gave a big cheer and then started laughing at me as they were very amused that I still had the cod and the sraper in my hands. The whole incident tokk but a few seconds and I never had time to asses my plight the ocean just let me go maybe I trew the hook whatever it was one of those "moments " that a fellow tends to remember.
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