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I'll take a shot Juro, Too many rum&cokes . Most true ski boats have inboard engines, were you sitting on the engine box? I have not looked at the chart for that region but I know throughout the straits and the sound there are places that a compass is useless. Luckly the charts will let you know which places that happens in. Sailing on the Hood Canal has brought a large amount of strange experiences like the one Juro had. Not only compass failure but depth soundings. From time to time everyone's depth finders go to 4 dashes on the screen. This can last up to an hour or so then everyones sounder works again. We believe it is the secret workings going on a Bangor Sub Base. One that I have figured out recently is when the depth sounder goes into alarm which I have set at 10 feet. We are in 600 feet of water sometimes when that happens and it happens starting about now through May. Anyone know what is happening on these occassions? I bet Juro knows the answer.
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