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Originally Posted by OC
I think it is JVC that makes a smaller unit and cheaper. Yes you will be able to see blitzes miles off. But you don't need radar to do that if you learn to scan the horizon with the proper mind set. I bet Juro knows how to from all I know about his abilities.
Last year we were out in Narragansett bay when the silversides made their push up into the bay to spawn. Bass were all over them and with the fog continued to feast from about 4 a.m. till we left them at 2:30. We stayed on them by shutting off the motor and following the sound of the terns. Even the four stroke was too loud. We managed to stay with them but there was no one who could have by site alone, I don't care if you had 20/5. If you were a few miles off in the morning you might never have found them. Same deal for some of the tuna this summer. Enough visibility to watch for other boats but those fish were moving and can travel a few miles in a matter of minutes. No way you could have kept up on site alone. Listen for birds, watch the GPS and see if you could figure out a feeding pattern was the key. Radar would have been very helpful in both situations.

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