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Can't go wrong with kings on the bite!

On kings on the fly...

I've had luck three ways in salt:

1) sh*t luck

2) shoreline feeders in the rocks (visible activity)

3) deep ascent in rips

No explanation for #1

Feeders in the rocks are usually a dawn/dusk thing but good tide currents and migratory times of the year can create mid-day opps. Cast right to the edges of the rocks and when the kings are using the rocks to trap bait they are up high and slashing, you are pretty likely to hook up. I know of many good kings hooked this way on the fly including my own but unless the fish are doing the wall wacker thing it can be a black cod show.

Deep ascent is done by casting ahead into the drift, letting the line sink as deep as it possibly can, I prefer a Rio Deep Sea hi-density line or a shooting head with Rio slickshooter running line is even better. Let the rod come'around to the down drift side, then start very short little jolts as the rip current and your strips bring the fly up. I usually go to about the head length, then cast again to the updrift side. Kings love the ascent but the problem is getting your starting point down far enough. The earlier in the day / later at dusk the better, and the more activity in the ripline you are working the better. A sea habit tube fly is a good choice, purple streak under baitfish angel hair and a polar bear white belly with pearl, don't be shy on the size the fly should be about 3" long. Clouser is another good choice because it tends to keep the leader straight during the descent.

As mentioned, even if you gotta mooch the whole time you are going to have a hard time getting that grin off your face when you get home!
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