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yet to get there but it's on my radar...

Bones will go for gotchas, small crabs, small clousers, and make sure to throw some unweighted patterns in for shallow tailers. I prefer natural bunny or marabou colors on the wing with pearl or tan dubbing body and a little flashabou (not much). The "Acklins crab" is a winner, chenille body with legs and the head from a turneffe crab on it. I have a feeling PR bones are not very wary. Culebra is where most of the known bones are.

The tarpon will hit most anything that looks good when they are on the hunt, best in the off hours. I had the best reactions to a large shrimp but it could be regionally one fly vs another. They slammed anything that looked good for me.

More to think about is the leader - I stopped upgrading at 30# test maxima tippet to hold them. They are not leader shy and they are crazy strong with mouths of concrete. What a freaking blast

The PR lagoons are far from exploited, although the one at the airport has been getting guided attention and has produced 160# fish.

Webstain mentioned a river to the east of the airport in a recent thread that sounded good but he said the fish were full sized - an 8wt might be a stretch.

I would buy the NGS map and look at lagoons you can access, or take the ride to Culebra, or rent a car and search out all the islands lagoons for poons. Drive real early and catch them finning in the morning then spend the rest of the day with family.

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