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I also have used almost all of them except those by Cortland. My favorite is the Monic Tropical line. I have them made in an opaque version that used to be in their catalog (along with the clear floating) but which they discontinued a few years ago. I still have not found anything better overall. The old Mastery line was better than their new one in my opinion. That line essentially can still be had by buying the Ultra IV version. Actually, I have a few customers who say they like the Mastery Redfish line better for bonefishing than the new Mastery Bonefish. The newest (2006) Rio line is a big improvement as it seems to have all the advantages of the previous line without that single disadvantage which was severe memory. Also, do not discount the Sage Equator line. I've used it and have to say that it was a delightful line to fish with a taper quite similar to the Monic. I would avoid the lines that have really skinny running lines. I've found the Teeny Bruce Chard line to be one of those. You may be able to shoot a few more feet of line, but they tangle too frequently and are also hard to pickup for a re-cast if you have very much line out. I spend a month every year fishing for bonefish and permit. That gives me lots of opportunity to test lines, and I think you'll be very happy with the Monic Tropical Opaque, Sage Equator, Rio Bonefiish, or the Mastery Redfish.
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