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I have fished the Rio, Sci Angler, and Wulff bonefish lines. I like them all

The Rio is great for quick responsiveness - it loads well and shoots even better. I would advise that you mark the back of the head so you know where you are taper-wise, the more radical back taper that lets you shoot so well needs to be kept from going too far past the rod tip.

The Sci angler is the one I have fished most with over the years and I just replaced my old ones this year. I remove the first foot or so off the tip to get a little more positive turnover. Because the back taper is more gradual it is less finicky to load up a rod. It takes a little more line in the air to load some faster rods but once it gets going it's a great distance taper as should be expected from S/A (Bruce Richards). It's a winner all the way.

The Wulff triangles have the easiest casting tapers on them and are a pleasure to fish. Might not deliver easy distance as the others but then again rarely is bonefishing so much about distance - most of the time shots are within 40-50 ft. The Wulff taper promotes accuracy which is more important than distance. Another fantastic choice.

Like I said I like them all
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