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I have an origional (12'1") Pungo that I use in exactly those diverse and some times rough situations. What you want it the Mini-Skirt. It differs from a traditional skirt in that it covers the cockpit forward of your body but does NOT wrap around your waist. This gives you very effective water/paddle drip deflection (+ good heat retention in winter) but is not nearly as confineing as a traditional skirt. The mini skirt also slides forward out of your way with just a push so you can get to your cockpit/tackle in seconds. This makes it easyer to get in/out too. Lastly, if you roll with a traditional skirt, water pressure and your attachemnt to a skirt will force you to do/learn a "wet exit" menuver. With a mini skirt, it's much easier to just fall right out.
FWIW, I have both types of skirts for my "spare" loon 138 and NEVER use the traditional skirt anymore.
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