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I use few different hooks for the same reasons you mention - generally for sink rate but also for Baby's upto about 60lb vs. all others

Fly #1 and #2 iare tied Flatwing style and as such I wanted a lighter, smaller hook so I went with a Mustad Signature series C70S in 1/0 (no epoxy on the head either to keep it light)

Fly #3 is tied with splayed feathers so it pulses on the retuieve and pushes more water. It is tied on an Eagle Claw 254 3/0 (heavyish hook)

Fly #4 is tied with a Mustad Signature series C70S in 3/0. Heavier and sinks faster along deeper pockets

#5 is tied on my favorite Tarpon hook, a Tiemco 600SP 1/0. The 1/0 hook has the same gap as most 3/0 hooks but maintains a nice, small, light size and is super sharp and strong (expensive though).
Matt S
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