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A little waxing...

I spent the day waxing the boat. I went with the Collinite system and used their 920 cleaner followed by the 925 Insulator wax. I had planned to use the 885 paste but chickened out after reading how tuff the buffing process can be with that stuff. I was very impressed with the 920 cleaner. Removed every stain and a few leftover adhesive residues from the shrink wrap without a hitch. It also left a remarkably clean surface to apply the wax to. The 925 wax looks great but but only time will tell how well it holds up. For the deck I went with Woody Wax. This stuff is great and is one of the must haves for me. Not only does it provide a nice tacky finish for the deck but it is also removes any oxidation from the bright work and polishes it. Not to mention it prevents corosion on all your electrical connections. It took me from about 9-4 today and I am just hoping I can move my arms tomorrow. Definitely nice to have a shiny ride to start the season though.

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