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In the mood to type, which is rare, so I`ll relate the story of " Caught in Providence", it may be worth a chuckle.There`s a program by that name on local channels featuring Prov. municipal court sessions. Ordinary citizens go to court to beef about things like 47 unpaid parking tickets or loud music at 3 in the morning.
So, I had just bought my first boat and was taking it out for the first time in the bay. I put in at Bold Point ramp which is at the very top of the bay where the Seekonk river joins the upper bay. Upriver is a marina , downstream a few hundred yds is the open bay. There used to be a night club called Shooters with a few docks for the personovanti to tie up to but it had been closed for yrs. As I headed for the open water a cop in a Whaler that was hiding behind one of the docks came zooming out and stopped me, lights flashing, sirens wailing, acted like I was some sort of terrorist or somthing. After checking everything on the boat and finding nothing except the extinguisher was expired, he wrote me out a ticket for doing 8 MPH in a no wake zone. I said the club and docks had been closed for yrs and he said I don`t care, tell it to the Judge. So thats what I decided to do. I`d be damned if I was gonna pay $100. I was sent a summons to municipal court and showed up wearing my finist fishing tee shirt. I was called right after the guy fined $200 for having 4 tv`s in his SUV playing full blast. Judge Caprio has earned the respect of the people for his fairness and humor. After explaining what happened he asked me how big my boat was and I told him" It`s a 16` tin boat with a 40 horse on it. His reply " Oh a real ocean liner huh. Case dismissed"
I couldn`t believe how many people watch that show. Most people I know or work with told me about it and I became a real celebrity for 15 min.
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