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RE:PI High Tide for a change manana

The eye does not go inside the hook bend... did I somehow say that in the post? (I'll go look) It goes just like we tied at your clave... standard clouser style.

0) tie in the eye if you want before starting, space it so there is a nice snout extension between the weighted eyes and hookeye. Use realeyes with the yellow sticker eyes for best results. The concave eye sockets prevent damage to the eyes, I have some that are a few years old with half the materials but the eyes are perfect. No coating required.

Use white thread or clear thread.

a) tie in a few strands of chartreuse flashabou at the bend

b) tie in a thin core of white bucktail under it (while point is UP, otherwise "over it"). I like to wrap the shank toward the eye over the bucktail at this point to give it a nice body underwrap of white.

c) Tie in transparent synthetic light green, chartruese or yellow fibers from point just behind the eyes, split over hook bend or use two sections and brace the hook without creating a cleaved seam. This is tied in a ways back from the eyes to keep things simple. Before you tie, pull the fibers from the center with your fingers to give it that natural "layered to a point" look. Oh yeah put a few more strands of chartruese flashabou in the fibers for highlights. Go longer than the white bucktail core, big stripers like big sand eels. Mine are like 4-6" sometimes 8" long. The real eyes come in different sizes, match accordingly but don't make them huge like a clouser - the material and weight should balance out for better casting. It takes a lot of material to balance out a weighted eye fly.

d) tie in the clear/white synthetic fibers on the bottom and criss-cross the thread over the nape of the dumbell eyes to make it appear like it comes out naturally. You can layer the stuff for long patterns, one layer between the eyes and bend, another criss-crossed into the dumbell, whatever. My fly tying is like evolution, the patterns mutate and whatever works I keep

e) The topping is key - Use either rainbow angel hair criss-crossed into the dumbbell and split over the hook -or- sand eel green polar flash, very good for deep water use like Billingsgate or the ocean beaches. I've also used flashabou but it is not durable. Angel hair holds it's shape and even after getting totally trashed you can form it with the fingers. Fish certainly love it.

You can vary the opacity with the materials you choose. Mid-summer flats fishing waws always better for me with light, clear sand eels... but large ones.

Good luck, be back later
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