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Tarpon will eat it up for sure. A real show stopper for cruising bones and my top choice for targeting double digit bones in shallow water, although the weighted clouser makes sense where a bit deeper.

I had one left in Acklins recently when I walked several miles of flats looking for d/d bones. As I approached the green tin roof B&B I spotted two 10-12# bones near the third mangrove outcropping visible from the road, coming from the Harry Creek side.

I tied my last virgin Peterson's on and made a cast, perhaps a bit over cautious as it was not seen by these behemoths patrolling the shadows of the magrove stand.

To make a better presentation I stripped the fly hurriedly back before my chance expired and cuda shot out from beneath the shadows and made quick work of my leader and last petersons.

I never saw the two big bones again and walked back to join the gang. Great fly, had fish turn after being spooked to pick it up.

I think we generally fish too small for bones and this is a nice big "eat me" pattern.
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