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You might want to test the strength. A couple years ago when I tried the same thing it seemed to break easily on the back end of a 9wt SA floater. I only tested it by twice and gave up on it after the second failure. I never liked the albright either. Of course, different fly line types will probably have different results.

OTOH. I've never had a properly installed braided loop fail on any type of fly line. Same with a nail knotted or served fly line loop.

I also didn't like the knot because the resulting diameter is about 3x the original line diameter at the "figure eight" end. Since I could use this knot on bigger lines that are likely to be pulled through the guides, the extra bump did not appeal to me.

But, I've been a huge fan of this knot for some time. It is a fabulous knot for attaching mono bite tipped to the leader. The same holds true for attaching bite tippets to mono and mono to gsp on conventional gear.
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