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We also launched for the first time on Thursday. After 4 months on the hard our Mason 44 felt really happy to be back in the water. All day Thursday and friday she had up to 8 people working on her. Riggers up the mast completing all the stuff they missed. Marine mechanic completing the new Yanmar 56 hp diesel work. Friday we took her out for sea trials with the mehcanic and she ran so well, I was expecting Murphy's law to take place. Even on sea trials we had riggers on board and up the mast. Friday afternoon the sail makers were on board puting on the altered new main sail and all was great for both Hannah, Tracy and myself. About 5pm reality took place as all these folks waited in line to get paid. Oh I forgot the boat yard and what we owed them for 4 months storage and work. Yes we were in shock! Tracy got real quiet for the rest of the day. Saturday the rigger was still on board doing the final touch to some Halyards, I had the new engine running and wanted to take Hannah home to where she belongs. Finally got the rigger off the vessel and off we went. We were very happy to leave Port Townsend, WA. to say the least. The trip home was 7 hours and we fought a gale of 30 to 35 knots and lousy 6 foot seas but all that time and effort payed off as Hannah didn't even flinch. We were so happy we put the stereo on full blast of rock&roll turned on the cockpit speakers and pushed the boats forward. Spray over the bow with each wave and we stayed dry though we both loved going up on deck in our foul weather gear, safety harness and tether and checking out what it feels like to be wet in rough weather. We made it home to our marina docked her and for the first time I was actually able to sit back on the settee and enjoy what Hannah looked like on the inside without all these tools and parts siting on every available space. For the first time we cooked a beautiful meal aboard, fresh Salmon, greens and a bottle of wine. We still have lots of work to get her ready for the big world cruise/uncharted atoll flyfish/surfing expeditions next year but like for everyone that loves being aboard a boat and the lure of the ocean all the hassels and expenses are worth it. A boat is labor of love even when one has to go to West Marine for parts. Who cares if we all end up in the poor house we got a boat to enjoy our sacred time away from the stresses of regular life. Just smile when you are the cash register of some boat store and remember how sweet it is to be out there doing what you love most.
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