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Thanks Juro- I think I understand some of what you're saying. I definitely was trying to overpower the rod ( which resulted in very tired arm and shoulder) rather than using the lever to its advantage. Coordinating the moves will take some time. I had a couple that went right and zip, out went the whole head and 20' of running line, with the fly landing on the far bank, never touched from that shore before.

I really need to stand and watch someone do it right. So far, other than a couple of lawn sessions, which are pretty much useless, and yesterday, I've been watching the trailer to the RIO DVD, just to get an idea of the movements. One of the keys is to preserve the energy in the loop, just as you do in single handed, but the "preservation", as it were, is a much more drawn out process.

I've got the two-hand overhead OK, man can you shoot some line, but that defeats the no-back cast room theory behind purchasing this rod.

Keep the info coming, I'll buy you a beer or three in Chatham. We'll be there late Friday night until Monday morning.
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