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Old 05-24-2000, 11:05 PM
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I did hit PI tonight. Started off fishing to the right of the drawbridge on the way to PI (to the right as you are driving to PI from Joppa). Picked up three micros there (first striper of the year!) and then moved on to the Coast Guard station. Parked and walked to a spot just to the right of the dock/pier that is just downstream from the Charter Boats. Saw a spin fisherman pick up one 20 inch fish. Then my luck improved. I picked up maybe 14 or 15 fish. Maybe 5 of those were over 20 inches and none of them over 24. Still, I had a blast. Nobody around me (and there were plenty of people) was catching that many fish but for a few other fly guys who were adjacent to me. We were all fishing clousers (mostly chartreuse but I picked up a few on a black one as the sun went down).

Then I headed to the sandbar. Picked up one but the mung was just thick enough to warrant my calling it a night. And it was a good night.

Thanks to all that helped me out with the PI advice.

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