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I donŽt know of my info might be handy, it is not the type of hook youŽd be expecting, but there is a dutchman who developped a hook for fishing on pike that looks like the ideal tarponhook to me.
The hook is called:
Partridge Ad Swier Absolute Pike Hook (google on it)
Not having much experience with tarpon, but knowing a lot of the sea and beeing very interested in tarpon (and other tropical fishing) because of my folks still living back home, in Aruba i would suggest youŽd try these hooks.

Last fall it resulted in less misses on pike for me, especially the big hooks, I now use 8/0 and even hook pike (looks like musky) of 40cm with it. 8/0 of the regular hooks.
The advantages are it is very sharp and has a wide curve (is that how you call the bend in the hook), there is no barb on it so it really penetrates easily and deeper into even the thougher harder jaws and mouths of fish. it is allready known that there have been people experimenting the smaller versions on permit and bones and the rumour has it the results are very good.
the regular ones are the Ad Swier Pike Hook and they even come up to 8/0

maybe you can find some pictures of these hooks on the net, if you can not get them in the us, we can in holland and I could help you getting them. Look at pictures of them and I think youŽll see what I see in them.
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