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As they say…”In the day” ......the conventional folks all used Blue Dot or Micron Braid. With the first transition to spinning along came mono because the earlier braids were just too thick to cast on a spinning reel. It did not take long for the conventional guys to transition to mono for casting distance. With the advent of the modern thin distance braids most spinning guys have given up on mono are doing as you say and tying the braid to the mono or flouro with a double uni or a beauty…The transition for the conventional guys has been slower… Some still think they can cast further with mono and it does provide better abrasion resistance (at least it is easier to monitor abrasion with the fingers) and it is simpler to just spool on all mono..The other drawback to braid and even braid with a mono shocker on a conventional is the dreaded backlash (or professional overrun). With the plug speeds generated, many, many breakoffs of $20 plugs occur if one does not pay explicit attention. And us old folks find paying explicit attention on the cast just gets old! That is why I am converting to spinning even for the bigger plugs because I do not want to have to think anymore when I am fishing

I should have read your post earlier because I just tied a 15 foot shocker to some braid on a new spinning reel with the Slim Beauty...I will have to give the "Nail Beauty" a try.

I am wondering if we will ever see the transition to braid for folks that are starting out..The low cost spinning combos in the chain sporting goods stores will probably always carry mono...we shall see
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