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Hi Mike -

10:30-ish low tide at the mouth... dark at around 8:30-ish...

Make hay while the sun shines, I'd say and do not wade past your shins from the boats to the bar once the lights get dim.

From 7-dark I would fish a bright sand eel pattern right on the sand, from dark till you leave I would fish a black clouser style fly (somewhat large) with emphasis on the edge of the dropoff - crawling the fly up the edge onto the shelf while the current is running. Most hits will occur on the edge of the drop as the fly comes up onto the shelf.

Once the tide goes slack, I'd get close to the boats and the lights and fish flies with good profiles and presence mid-depth with snappy short strips. You often see the fish cruising past under the lights.

You'll have a good moon and it's supposed to clear around 9pm... we'll see. The fish could pull into the pocket above the spit, push the bait into the trench, who knows! I'd poke around to increase the odds of finding the action.

If you get a cross-wind, cast backwards or lefty - the most dangerous time to risk casting with the wind on the casting shoulder is in the dark. Just ask my brother the eye surgeon!

Can't meet you up there tonight, gotta take my best friend to dinner - it's my anniversary!
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