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Hello Everybody.

I am planning on fishing Plum Island tomorrow night. If anyone wants to join me then drop a note to I drive a maroon Subaru Outback (NH plates) and I will be wearing brown neoprene waders and a blue/gray fishing vest. At night I will have my headlamp on. I will be flyfishing. It will be my first time fishing PI because I usually spend my time at Joppa. Juro's posts have been extremely helpful. Thank you Juro.

I also think that some of you might benefit from a nice satellite photo of the Plum Island area. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can clearly see the charter, the jetties, the sandbar etc.

Here is the URL where you can find those satellite photos: ight=500&image=257950&layer=ortho&zoom=10&old_zoom =10&width=400&height=400&middlex=200&middley=200&x =316&y=204\

Yes, enter the whole ugly thing. If it doesn't work then go to for a satellite photo of the entire Massachusetts coastline. Zoom in on Plum Island and find what you are looking for. This MIT site can be really helpful for finding good places to fish.

I hope that this helps you all find some good fish.

If you are at PI feel free to approach me tomorrow night (I will be there from 7 PM to 11 PM or so) so we can chat. I would like to assocaite some names with some faces on this board.

Have a good one.

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