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Sorry just got home... the boats are right in front to the left from the parking lot as Sully says. These are kinda his "home waters" so he can probably fill you in on some hotspots.

Going from left to right:

a) basin opening / mussel beds

Tricky wading, the mussels are goopy and don't provide good footing on certain tides. I catch fish here at slack tides, and when the water is dumping out of the basin at the beginning of the outgoing spring/fall. Not the best spot but good to get away from the hordes. Recommended for low slack this time of year, keep the fly off the bottom (snaggy).

b) to the right of the boat docks

Aside from a couple of snags and the current potentially swinging the fly under the boat and/or docks, a really good spot at low tide. If you can stand at the pilings and let the fly swing toward the boats you'll have no problem and find a bunch of fish. The current eddies to the left even on the outgoing just before the slack therefore it fishes with the swing away from the pilings on both sides of the low.

c) the bend

Just past the boat docks there are two docks that are dry at low. Starting there, the channel is right at your feet (per Sully's warning). Using sinking lines and weighed flies like the deep eel (clouser type) you can find a lot of fish cruising the dropoff very close to shore during the tide change. I consider the bend from the dry docks to the rip just upstream from the bar. It is characterized by the deep channel at your feet at low tide. Fish slow and deep. "Fish for crabs" is the anecdote I use.

d) the spit above the bar

Just before the bar, there is a spit that trails out into mid-river with the channel edge. This pocket holds a lot of fish, often as they back down with the tide. This is where the 30+ inch fish were caught on flies Wednesday after the lightning storm.

e) The bar

There is a ever-changing sand bar that protrudes out into the river just after the bend and spit. Traditionally, this bar has been a hotspot. I have not seen the level of attention given to this bar by the fishermen or the fish this year. This could change anytime... once again, I have done best keeping the sand eel fly on the sand in the lee side of the current.

f) The cove

I don't know if this is the correct name or not but there is a slow inside channel that stretches from the bar to the south jetty. Sometimes when the current is right the fish converge in this spot to feed on baitfish. Typically over the last few years I've noticed that when the bait goes into this trench, the fish are right in there with them. Look for terns as opposed to those small gulls. The small gulls pick up bait you can't even see but the terns come out with a sand eel moustache. Better yet big gulls hovering over big bait being blasted (herring, tinker, etc).

g) south jetty

There used to be a couple of concrete squares that the fish sat behind mid-outgoing just up from the base of the jetty. I have had a lot of fun 'painting' these blocks to tease the fish laying in their wake.

The base of the jetty has a very deep hole. I have been able to tease up some big fish from this hole but the sinking lines needed often snag on the rocks that line this hole. I would target this stuff either carefully during moving current or during the slack when they are apt to move further for a good looking fly (surface, etc)

The jetty itself... I don't like fishing rocks unless the tide is high enough to make the fish easy to land, and the bad rocks are covered with water.

h) beachfront

I don't often get this far from the CG lot, but have fished the rockpiles and jetties at a 45 degree angle from the shore on each side. When there is horizontal flow, there is a good seam and fish rove actively in this zone once the river gets too warm and the ocean warms closer to the preferred temps.

You can also access the beachfront from lots along the road on the way to the lot (ie: church, etc)

There are some choice rocks to target from the first lot at the left hand turn near surfland.

i) salisbury

I have good luck on the state beach side during the early outgoing, and sometimes the incoming. I start by throwing a fly off the grass bank near the launch, then hitting the seam off the pick if not crowded, working to the left and hitting every seam slow and deep. Both sides of a rockpile hold fish, the compression and the lee. One day down by the north jetty in a non-descript spot the herring came to my feet and would not leave even when I kicked my feet. I soon found out why, large bass came in and hit them. I had a sand eel on and the feast was over before I could switch. The herring sounded like they were hit with tennis rackets out of the water.

Then there's the refuge....
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