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Yea, My tarpon is also an angler with Rudder. (Olive Green )I stole it on clearence from the Burlington EMS late last season. ( Got a tip from a guy on another site that they had 1 left!) . Conducted quick "Sea trials" on the way home in a local pond and havn't gotten back to it yet To be honest, from those quick observations in that short trip, I was a bit surprised that the 140 had no noticable speed or stability advantage over my old Pungo . Maybe I expected too much out of that extra 24" .
FWIW, My Pungo is an origional 12' which has served me well and kept me bone dry in all kinds of weather and sea conditions.
( Also have LOOn 138 in the rack that I scored used for my eldest son to use at the family property in RI. I also like this boat allot but try to respect that it's "his" )

I think I'll like the Tarpon ( it certainly comes highly recomended) , i just have to give it some time in warm weather conditions.
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