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Mac -

I read that the body stores fat in a sequence of locations around the body and loses it in roughly the reverse order. Therefore lipo causes problems because it cuts out one of the sequence and the next spot gets overloaded - usually less appealing in the end.

The only way to reduce the amount of storage is to create a deficit of calories consumed verses burned. Therein lies the challenge of dieting.

Carbs (e.g. sugars, starches) get stored very quickly unless burned immediately, whereas other foods take the body a long time to prepare for storage thus increasing the chances that you will burn it off (e.g brocolli, lean protein).

So as I understand it, changing the consumption of carbs to foods that encourage a full feeling, take a long time to break into fat storage, and provide healthy stuff like proteins, antioxidants, etc. is a big part of it.

Next is burning more thru activity - like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking during lunch break, or joining a gym or karate.

Creating a calorie deficit is easier once you get on track and depends on finding satisfaction in foods you might not be used to. Taboule, hummus, tofu, edamame (soy beans) yes - but also london broil, grilled chicken breast, salads, grilled fish, fresh berries, nuts, all kinds of over-looked "diet" foods to enjoy.

Also I have found fiber to be helpful in weight loss because it does two things - block carbs and carry fats out of the body. I like psyllium seed based capsules.

Lots of water helps and watch the sodium, the middle-aged male midsection can hold a lot of water and ironically drinking lots of water helps the body shed water as well as flush the system. If a sauna drops pounds for you then it was water weight.

I think metabolism affects the rate of fat burn as well, I know guys who eat like mad and stay as thin as a rail. I am not one of those body types unfortunately. I believe that eating small amounts of very healthy foods more frequently raises the human metabolism and helps burn fat. I am trying that out now.

I started December 1st and have lost 24-26 pounds depending on recent binges (last three weeks have been bad). Ideal weight for my height is still about 7 pounds lighter according to the chart. Not sure I can get there without going manorexic
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