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I live in Holland and close to the Belgium border. In some pubs overhere you can get over 70 different kinds of beer. My favourits are Palm (Dutch) and in summertime a Geuze (sour/fresh) from the Mort Subite brewery from Belgium.
I must says that I too tasted some good beers when I was in Michigan (The Brewery in Grand Rapis) and even Bud is nice if you are really thursty as you can't get drink on it. (or not really) In contradiction to a Belgium beer called Duvel (translated: devil). Not a really high alcohol percentage but a very very nasty bite. If you are not used to it you'd better stop after 2-3 bottles, but also a very nice taste.
If any of you might ever land up in my neighbourhood I will gladly spent an evening with you in one of these pubs.
rgds Adrian(V)
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