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I've been pondering this too. I've been considering a vest but once summer gets going a vest seems like it might be too warm. At the moment I'm using a waist pack that I got from EMS. (I got it for my wife to take on vacation so she didn't have to carry a purse. The I absconded with it to fish with.) But is has so many tags and zippers and straps that it seems like my fly line is always tangled in it. A lot of the zippers require 2 hands to open a close so I end up dropping my rod in the drink to get stuff out. I can wear the waist pack around my neck so it kind of works as a chest pack but it seems to put a strain on my neck so I'm not sure I'd like a chest pack. I may give up and try one of the venelated vests. Perhaps the mesh Volga from Clear Creek?
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