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Good point Jr Spey! I only use the double haul on saltwater excursions (flats and beaches for bonefish and stripers) where on steelhead streams I use my old simms guide vest which is usually under a rain jacket in winter. Even then pulling oars I don't like the vest since the pockets get in the way my arms and I use a smaller centered chest pack in that case, using a bag on the boat to store anything that doesn't fit. It carries just the stuff I need when I wade away from the boat.

So what I use depends on what I'm doing.

I don't use a 'fanny' (a naughty word in the UK) pack since my waist is almost always in the drink while wading. One exception is a North Face waterproof belt pack I use for camera equipment when I am not wading deep and want to get some video footage.

I have drawn up some designs for chest packs i would like to have sewn up someday - I don't think there are any on the market that are quite what I would dream up given the chance. Luckily my sister is a professional in the garment design business and can teach me about durable stitching techniques and suitable materials, closures, straps, etc.
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