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The finish

Something I learned the hard way, is that a good finish requires freshly mixed epoxy, kind of like good concrete. If you let it get hot you have waited too long. As I recall I use to race through the project so I could get it done in one batch. The result was something I wasn’t particularly proud of. Regardless of the size of the project I mix at least 10ml, either in a mixer or by hand with a bodkin in small plastic mixing cup. When the epoxy is mixed I pour it out on a sheet of aluminum foil, this seems to help dissipate some of the entrapped air bubbles. I then apply it to the wraps with a natural hair brush first with a vary thin coat. After the first coat has cured 24 (hours minimum) apply another coat. The best applications seem to be by using a lateral brushing motion to distribute the finish, then it levels it self. Sometimes a little light flaming is necessary to pop out an air bubble. When the epoxy starts to get a little thick abandon the batch and mix a new one. Epoxy is cheep, a good finish is priceless. I have seen some absolutely beautiful custom work, infinitely better than the production stuff of the shelf. The custom jobs that look the best were a labor of love that may have taken weeks to complete.

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