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You all know a good beer when you taste one. Thank god Americans found the brew pub and we no longer suffer with Bud and Miller. I read somewhere that Americans were strictly Ale drinkers before World War 1. But the troops got turned on to different types of beer and Ale fell out of grace except in Rhode Island where Pickwick Ale continued to be king for years.

My favorites came from long ago while sailing to places such as Tahiti and Indonesia.
In Tahiti there is a beer called Hinano. This beer is not a great beer but the label a colorfull reproduction of an oil painting of a beautiful native girl was truely a visual pleasure. Did a google search on Hinano and they have modernized the label but still one of the nicest labels one will find anywhere.

In Indonesia a beer called Bintang Bir Pilsner or just Bintang is outstanding for a commercial beer. The Dutch who once colonized Indonesia must have started a Heineken brewing factory there many years ago. After they got kicked out of Indonesia or gave the country of 3000 islands their independence the Indonesians continued to make the beer but changed the name to Bintang. The label is still the same as the old Heineken label except it says Bintang instead of Heineken. If I remember right it tasted better than even the Heineken one gets in Europe. It came in quart bottles, cost 8 cents a bottle in 1971. There was very little refrigeration in Indo back then so it was served warm but if one had the courage to ask for ice cubes and took the risk of getting the runs from the ice you got a great tropical beer. How does a country on the equator grow hops and good wheat and barley?
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