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Learnings continue...

I was hunting around on the web site for Motiva which runs the major distribution center in Providence. Listed on their site were customer service numbers for Shell and Texaco. I figured it couldn't hurt to give the Shell number a call. To my surprise by selecting the right prompts I ended up with one of their chemical engineers on the other end of the line. While I was on the phone he was pulling up spreadsheets with formulations by month for all the New England states. As it turns out we are running MTBE in RI as of February data. He did say the pipeline that heads in our direction was going MTBE free and that he would expect Ethanol to be in our fuel before long. I was very surprised with his candor regarding the issues of the fuel in Marine environments. Water and the solvent properties I have read about he confirmed and even went on to say that they had warned "them" about it. Didn't want to push who "them" was but it was good to hear from the horses mouth if you will that I am not wasting my time learning about this stuff. He said there should be indicators on the pumps indicating the presence of ethanol in the fuel like there is for MTBE and also said to watch your local gas stations as their should be tank cleaning activity right before the switch due to the solvent properties of the ethanol.

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