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I understand that RI is going to the new E-10 Gasohol by April 15th (10 % Ethanol blend) and I believe Mass is going the same direction as well. There has been a ton of information out there on this stuff with varying degrees of issues. The general consensus is that the Ethanol acts as a solvent and will do everything from clean out gunk in your lines (and those of the tanker trucks, pumps etc...) to dissolve the adhesives used in making older glass fuel tanks. I spoke with my dealer today and they are urging using a new 10 micron fuel filter and changing it often. In addition you should be keeping an eye on the fuel water separator under the hood of the motor for any signs of debris. Other issues include older boats experiencing degradation of the fuel lines if they are not rated for alcohol blends. I would definitely keep this in mind as you fill up this spring and make sure you are not experiencing any issues before making a long run. I know this made up my mind when considering renewing my Sea Tow membership. I will be happy to PM some links to anyone looking for more info. I am all for more environmentally friendly fuels but don't want to end up 15 miles out with no power. Lets keep each other in the loop if anyone experiences any issues.

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