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Wee Hooker is right...unfortunatly... it has to be certified at a weigh in OR your scale has to be pre certified by the IGFA.... no one can touch your tackle, line or rod as you play and land the fish.... photo;s are accepted..but then the real check begins... and it has to Landed by you...nets are allowed....then you need to fill out paper work at a certified tackle shop.... if it's fly or even spinning it has to been submitted into a weight class.. that is... the test on the mono you caught it on.... There are world records of smaller fish caught on heavey pound test and then there are even bigger fish caught on lesser pound test... the key to the world records recognized by the IGFA is the pound test of the line in each catagorie... which also has to be submitted so they can test your line to make sure... in the fly catagorie... you need to submitt a specified length of tippet to be machine tested, etc....If you boat scale is not certified or you don't go to a certification world record...My understanding is that fouled hooked will not be applicable.
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