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Originally Posted by Dble Haul
It's more than a story. There are witnesses and pictures, so it's genuine. It's just a matter of whether or not the fish will be validated by the IGFA with the circumstances.
Sorry, I meant that it's just a story because it hasn't been certified as a world record. There's certainly plenty of evidence to back up that it was actually landed.

I never knew that a foul hooked fish could be counted as a world record. Personally, I'm kind of split on whether this fish should count. Foul hooking versus snagging is a very grey area since all you have to say which happened is the word of the angler. There's no way to prove which it was. In this case, the reputation of the angler tends to make me believe that it was a valid foul hook, but where do you draw the line? What anglers can you trust to tell the truth? For such a major record as this, I'm sure the IGFA is going to consider this very, very carefully.
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