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Originally Posted by jlsmithii
i'm looking to get more serious with fly tying and am looking to upgrade my vise (currently have an old ty master style A vise)
primarily would be tying flies for trout but would also dabble in some saltwater ties.
any suggestions as to what vises i should look into?
Why? Does your current vise not work?

I have an old vise that I got as a kid. IIRC it came from Herter's. It's probably at least 30 years old and still works fine. Recently I got a Renzetti Traveller. It's a great vise, and I like it well enough, but I don't consider the flies I tie on it to be any better than the ones I made on my old vise. The only reason I prefer the Renzetti over my old vise is that I'm really liking the rotory feature of the traveller.

I guess the point I'm making is that if your old vise is working for you why spend the money on a new one? Only buy a new vise if there is some feature missing from your old vise that you'd like on a new one.

P.S. The Dyna Kings are VERY nice but too much money for me. I'm happy with my Traveller.
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