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My own personal vse is the Dyna King Baracuda (I got it the first year they were put on the market by Dyna King). It is a true lifetime vise that was built to hold up to the rigors of professional and commercial tyers. It is a little pricey though at around $325.00. There are two other Baradudas made now, the Baracuda Jr, and the Baracuda Trekker. The Trekker is about $225.00, which is not much more than the Renzetti Traveler and the Barucuda Trekker is a much nicer vise.

However, you asked about the Griffin vises in your next to last post so here goes. The Patriot is a good, easy to operate vise that will hold virtually any hook. A very good friend of mine has one and has been very happy with it. The Mongoose is also an excellent vise. However, the best Griffin for rotary tying in the Oddesey model, which sells for around $125.00. If you want a true rotary vise without spending much more than $100.00, either the Peak Vise or the Griffin Oddesey are the best choices.
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