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Some of this depends on if you are looking for a stationary or a rotary vise.

In stationary vises, the Thompson A, Griffin 2A, 3A, and Patriot, Several non-rotary vises by Dyna King, and the Regal are all excellent vises that will last a lifetime and do what you need for the type of flies you are tying.

In rotary, the Griffin 3AR Patriot rotary, and especially the Oddesy, the Peak Vise, the several models by Renzetti (depends on how much you want to spend), several models by Dyna King (especially the Baracuda series of vises), The HMH vises, and the Norvise are all excellent. There are some others as well; but these are the ones I'm familiar with.

All of these vises (stationary) run from around $45.00 up to about $200.00. The rotary vises mentioned run from around $60.00 up to over $600.00. If you pick the price range you have budgeted for and get one of the above in that range, you will be a happy camper and have a vise that will last a lifetime of normal use.
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