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A couple years ago two cruising sail boats headed for the Red Sea and then up into the Med were attacked by two Somali pirate boats. Usually the pirates win when this happens but not this time. The lead cruising boat a steal Ketch ramed the first pirate boat which was about a 30 foot power boat in poor condition, it was cut in half. As the lead cruising boat was cutting the pirate boat in half the second pirate boat tried to board the steel Ketch. The second cruise boat was captianed by a retired CIA officer sailing around the world. After he had been fired on earlier in the ordeal he pulled his shot gun out of a locker, loaded it and caught up the the skirmish in front of him as the pirates started to board the other boat. There were at least 3 pirates on that boat and he let them have it they all disapeared beneath the surface. The pirates on the boat cut in half also drowned. After calling Maydays for hours the French or German Navy showed up took a report and disapeared. The American Navy who had been near by and heard the Maydays did nothing. It is my understanding that with the increase of pirae attacks out of Somalia that our Navy is now taking more visits to the region and will go after any pirates they see. Cruising sail boats heading for the Red Sea and Med now gather in the Maldives and leave from there in large groups hoping that will make things safer. No way brothers I think I'll take the long way around and the ruff seas of Cape Hope.
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