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Very Interesting - thanks to all.

The thought of "singing" guides do not thrill me.

I'm buying blanks from Dan Craft and CTS so I am not trying to duplicate a particular feel or action. I just thought it would be a good thing to have the blanks as unencumbered as possible.

On the other end of the spectrum - I was also considering Fuji Ti frames with SiC rings right down the line. But rod makers are telling me I really do nto want to get involved with guides with rings that will eventually pop out.

I have some time to think on it because I do not have all the components yet.

I'm going with REC seats.
Removable fighting butts (turned by me) with REC's fighting butt hardware.
Blanks are:
CTS 9wt 4pc Maxim
Dan Craft 8' 9" 3pc 6wt Sig V
DC 9' 3pc 9wt Sig V
DC 9' 4pc 9wt FT
DC 9' 4pc 7wt FT

The guide choice is really playing with my head.

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