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Single foot vs snakes

The choice of guide styles should not matter in the construction. I prefer snakes especially on the heavier wt rods. IMHO they are more durable and I prefer the traditional look. I have used the REC recoil snakes on a few rods and for me they were difficult to work with. The quality of "memory" inherent in the recoils seem to make it difficult to bend the feet to conform to the blank. When you bend them they return to the original position. Another issue I have with the REC strippers is noise, they sing when shooting line. The line causes the guide to vibrate which I think steals energy from the cast. This loss may be insignificant and I may be splitting hairs but nonetheless I find it annoying. One last note, if you choose to use the REC singles do not dress them with a Dremel, the feet are soldered ( at least the ones I have used)and the heat generated may break the joint. Hand dress them. All the above are my experiences, a lot of other builders use them and love them. Enjoy the project whatever you choose.
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