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Next question for ya. I have been looking at the rods, and I notice many of them mostly come in a 4 piece configuration. I guess with my other fishing rods I always strive for a 1 piece, maybe a 2 piece if I have to. I guess I am a bit concerned with having twist with the rod itself, but I guess I could be over worried about it. Just wondering if you guys have had any problems with this that I should be aware of. Personally I would rather take the word of people who have been doing this far longer than I , rather than soneone who may just want to make a sale. I'll probably be calling Friday to a few of our sponsers to further my expedition to the world of flyfishing, it was just a thought. I know a 2 piece is a must, because of the length, and that's fine, but I figure it may be a bit easier with a 2 piece rod to eliminate twist rather than with a 4. Am I just reading too far into this? Thanx again everyone for the replies!!
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