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You asked about the SA Concept reel. Everyone I know who has bought one, has never regretted it. They are not the most expensive reels, but they work very well and hold up well. They are one of the true bargains in fly reels.

The St. Croix Reign is a much nicer casting rod than the Premier, although the premier is a pretty good rod too. The Redington Red Fly has an action a lot like the more expensive Fenwick HMG, so in my mind, the Redington Red Fly is the better value and better choice. And as has been mentioned TFO, ECHO, Albright are also excellent values, much better than Cabella's branded rods in my opinion. Cortland rods have never been all the well liked by experienced fly fishermen, don't get me wrong, they are OK, just not among the best value for the dollar spent.

A call or email to one or even several of this site's retail sponsors would easily get you hooked up to good equipment within your budget and I highly recommend it.
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